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Dr. Raymond Nanko, M.D.

Feel the difference an experienced and skilled interventional pain Physician can have in your life.

Specializing in providing relief for those suffering from chronic pain, acute and cancer pain disorders.

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Dr. Raymond Nanko, M.D. offers a multi-disciplinary Interventional Pain Management Medical practice. Specializing in minimally invasive disc decompression surgery, spinal cord stimulation, epidurals and radiofrequency ablation. Offering interventional pain management, physical rehabilitation and spinal mobilization therapies.

There are treatment options available which can improve your quality of life! Many are minimally invasive, low-risk non-surgical procedures and done on an outpatient basis. We work to find the cause of your pain and then suggest one of many procedures that will work well to help you find relief.

We specialize in Percutaneous Disc Decompression & Spinal Cord Stimulation and this may be one of the procedures we suggest to help you reclaim your live!

Don't spend another minute in chronic pain.